The Uranus Experiment (1999)


Watch Private Black Label 6: The Uranus Experiment (1999) Porn movie

Summary: The Uranus Experiment (1999)

Opposite poles attract as the race for space reach a shuddering climax when American and Russian shuttle spacecraft (and crew) link up in weightless stratosphere only to have CNN-styled televised coverage of impassioned sexual escapades in zero gravity while the scandalized American President watches aghast. Houston, we have a lift-off! Attempting re-entry has never been this much out-of-this-world fun! From the cockpits to the bedrooms as the intrigue sweeps the shocked, fascinated, enthralled world. See the gleaming silver American shuttle launched against a backdrop of azure-blue sky; witness the Russian counterpart taking off against a sinister midnight-black. Marvel at the celestial bodies as they come into view. Touchdown! But watch out, little blue alien men with red eyes gain a foothold here on Earth. Partly filmed with NASA assistance in the Vomit Comet exploring the effects of sex in space. Ultra-stylish hardcore taken to a level out of this world.

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