The Image full movie (1975)


watch The Image full movie (1975) aka The Punishment of Anne

PLOT: The Image full movie (1975)

Bored playboy Jean, while mingling amongst a group of wealthy socialites at a literary party, spots Anne, a ravishing blonde that immediately wants to know her better. Also at the party, and looking equally as bored, is Claire, an old friend of his who he approaches so that he learn more about this beautiful and mysterious blonde. He is quite surprised to find out that they are an item, as he had no idea that Clair swung that way. Turns out that Claire is the mistress of young Anne and she begins to draw Jean into her world of sadistic pleasures. Claire is a strong and powerful force, cold and cruel, while Anne’s submissive nature hides a volcanic desire that hints at who is actually in charge of this relationship. Then there is Jean, who is so drab and boring that it almost hurts to watch him on screen. The nature of Claire and Anne’s relationship becomes quite apparent to Jean when they visit a public garden and Claire orders Anne to steal a rose, and hide its thorny stem under her


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