The Ecstasy Girls (1979)


Watch The Ecstasy Girls (1979) classic porn movie

PLOT: The Ecstasy Girls (1979)

Jerry is a talented actor who knows how to use his power of seduction towards the female, but the money side is another matter. He finds out that he can make more money as an escort for the rich and famous women than he does acting. To get back on the water, he will accept a tempting proposal from a wealthy man, investor J. C. Church. His widowed brother, Edgar, a guardian of morals is dying and dividing his fortune into six – to his four daughters, their sister, Madeline and to him. But he doesn’t want to share and hires him to seduce his sister and nieces, in order to have an excuse to be disinherited. With the help of his producer friends, George and Archie he seduces all the women.

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