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PLOT: Lea full movie (2011)

Lea is a student who grew up as an orphan. She lives with her grandmother who once brought her up and who now relentlessly demands Léa’s full attention, even at night time. One night her grandmother, whose state of mind deteriorates increasingly faster, slips off and strolls around without heading for any particular destination. Léa panics in the course of finding the old women. Consequently she makes sure her grandmother is taken care of full-time in an appropriate institution where she can keep her own furniture and receives a therapy to slow down her mental descend.

Lea, who works in a nightclub, can no longer cover her expenses by just cleaning tables. She starts working as one of the strippers and earns additional money with lap dance. She starts to spend her time between nightclub and university in a brasserie and takes the owner as her lover. Unfortunately he has to tell the obviously permanently exhausted Lea that he can’t cope with her erratic behaviour. When a young and vain professor picks repeatedly on Lea during lectures because she can neither manage to be always punctual nor to be enthusiastic about his attempts to be amuse his audience, she loses it. She attacks somebody at a party and leaves the city.

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