Laying the Ghost (1991)


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PLOT: Laying the Ghost (1991)

The ghost of Captain Jonathan Parker (Peter North) seduces Kate (Taylor Wane), who thinks this is a dream while her husband Stanley (Joey Silvera) sleeps next to the action. After he has finished, Stanley wakes up, tries to confront the intruder who simply vanishes. Kate realizes that she did not fell victim to an intense dream, but to real life intercourse and is not amused. The couple discusses the incident and after suspecting a human intruder finally realizes it must have been a ghost haunting their new home.

In the meantime, Kates sister Mandy (Savannah) has a good time with the ghosts of Captain Parker and his brother (T.T. Boy). Kate and Stanley, determined to get rid of the horny ghosts haunting their home, decide to consult parapsychologist Dr. Laura Rhodes (Angela Summers). Mandy is waiting in a bar where she joins the activities of the bartender (Joey Murphy) with his girl (Brigitte Aime). Obviously, Dr. Rhodes knows what must be done. They have to lure the ghosts in order

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