Kay Parker – Satisfactions (1983)


Watch Kay Parker in Satisfactions (1983) classic porn movie

With Bud Stone again out on business, lonely Elaine Stone wants to fire her sexually promiscuous maid Margo and servant Carl. Instead, they seduce her into a threesome. Her daughter Connie Stone who wants “real men” then respond to the advances of her father’s construction workers. Bud Stone’s secretary Linda and her female friend Dee then invite Dee’s parents’ pool guy for a threesome, only to learn they didn’t really need him. Linda therefore dumps her boyfriend Bobby. Bobby drowns his sorrows in a drink, but the buxom bartender Shannon decides to offer him much more. Later on, she returns home to catch her husband Dan with another married woman called Tess Hunter. Shannon threatens to notify Tess’ husband and divorce Dan unless they let her order them around through a threesome…before it is revealed the couple just hired Tess as an escort. The film ends by revealing Bud Stone’s “business” is an affair with Shannon.

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