Don’t Look Down (2008)


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Summary: Don’t Look Down (2008)

Trained by his father in the art of walking on stilts, Eloy’s day job is to wear a ridiculous sandwich costume and walk the streets of Buenos Aires marketing his sandwiches. When sleepwalking one night, Eloy falls through the window into the bed of a beautiful woman, Elvira (Antonella Costa). He soon finds out that both Elvira and her mother Celia (Maria Elena Ruaz) are spiritual teachers. Ana reads auras and Elvira is an expert on tantric sex and the Kama Sutra. Through spending his afternoons with Elvira, Eloy discovers the confluence of sexuality and mysticism and, in his goal of thrusting 81 times without ejaculation, finds that he can travel out of his body, manifesting in Venice, Paris, and Barcelona among other destinations.

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